Before & After: The Bedroom

The paint color in the bedroom is tolerable until we decide what color to repaint. Our last bedroom was a very deep Alligator Green from Ben Moore; but I’m thinking we’ll probably choose something a little more neutral this go around. Our bedroom has always been a hodge podge of mixed furniture and nothing ever really went together. Thankfully, over the past couple of years, we’ve inherited a few great pieces and things are really starting to come together. The room still looks pretty bare, but I think its well on its way to becoming a great retreat!



Once again, I would like to replace the terrible mini blinds with wooden ones and I definitely need to dress up the walls a bit. Right now, the only things hanging on the wall are a super awesome antique mirror that Patrick’s mom gave us and a print of my favorite painting, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. There’s definitely room for improvement, but at least there aren’t boxes stacked up in the corners anymore!

One thought on “Before & After: The Bedroom

  1. It's on the way to being as fab as you! Love it and you. Miss you tons! I am so happy that I can keep up with your house adventures and life with Alston through your blogs.


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