Just a few things to say…

Here are a few things that Alston has been saying lately:
“I wub you, Momma” (melts my heart every time)

“I stuck– help me, Momma!”

“G’ mornin’!” (at 9:30 at night when he doesn;t want to go to bed)

“Cold outside”

“Read nudder book”

“Watch Kai-lan” or “Watch Libbia” (Kai-lan & Olivia are his favorites right now)
“I’m nekked.”
This is how his phone conversations usually go:

“Huh-wo? Hi Mammy. K. Bye.”

When he banged the refrigerator door into me:

“Sawwy, Momma.”

What he wants for breakfast every morning:

“Oatmeal… pah-tahts”

What he wants for lunch:


What he wants for dinner:

“Oatmeal” or “Pop-siddle”

And our biggest accomplishment:

(drumroll, please)
“Tee tee potty.”

(Que Hallelujah corus.)


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