For whatever reason, I was excited about moving. I was excited about getting all of my things out of storage. I was excited about filling the rooms of our new house with all the memories and keepsakes {and thrift store finds} we’ve collected over the past 4 years. I did not anticipate the amount of time it would take to actually unpack all of those memories and find a special home for each of those keepsakes. I did not anticipate broken dishes that we got for wedding gifts. I didn’t think about the fact that all of this would be going on around a major holiday and very busy work schedule. Which is why I’ve been on sabbatical. That and because I couldn’t find my camera charger, nor was our internet was functioning.

{During the chaos}

Thankfully most of the chaos is over. I’m a few dishes short of a set, but we made it through the moving (and most of the unpacking) process.

The walls have been painted and there are pictures hanging on them. Most of our furniture has a permanent home, for now, and there are only a few boxes still full of things waiting to find that perfect spot.

Do you remember the color of most of the walls in this house? Since I don’t know the exact shade, I will call it Barbie Flesh, because it was the exact peachy-beigey yellowish color of the rubbery skin of my favorite childhood toy. Yes, it was dreamy. Which is why we painted.

The living room and hallway are now Benjamin Moore’s Baby Fawn. The perfect mix of khaki and grey. (You can really see the old color in the hallway; in the first photo the color doesn’t look so bad. Don’t be fooled.)


The dining room was painted Martha Stewart’s Toasted Marshmallow. Its really brightened the space up.


The fourth bedroom, or “mancave” was probably the worst. Patrick originally wanted to paint it navy blue, but I had no trouble talking him into choosing from a more neutral palette, assuring him that both his hunting and football decor would look good in a more subtle shade. (I didn’t want it to actually look like a cave.) He ended up choosing Martha Stewart’s Carton. He has made every decorating decision for this room and has done a pretty good job so far. 

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