Signed, sealed, delivered…

Last night, after an hour and a half of waiting for the right package to arrive at the closing attourney’s office, we finally signed on the dotted line and closed on our house. We are now the proud owners of a lovely little brick ranch.

We ended up finding out last minute that the seller was only allowed to pay up to 6% of the sale price to cover closing costs. Its part of the USDA guidelines. So 30 minutes before we were supposed to be there, I was rushing to the back to get a csahier’s check for the remaining $606.89 in closing costs. Patrick was not very happy, but his mood greatly changed when we unlocked the front door and walked into our new home.

After siging the papers and getting our keys, we stopped by my parents and then headed to Home Depot to pickup a few pre-painting supplies. Then we went to visit our new house. I wanted to get started right away, but we decided it was too late to really do anything, so we’re hoping to get started this evening. We’re planning the big move for Saturday and Sunday.

After walking through the house, Patrick decided that we needed to go ahead and pick out the paint colors for the dining room, man room, man room bathroom and laundry room. He wants to get it all painted this weekend, while his dad is there to help. I think he’s being very optomisitic in thinking he can get half the house painted and get all our furniture moved in one weekend, but I’m just going with it.

Now I’m off to pick out paint colors!


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