So I went and knocked on their door…

While in DC this week, I decided to stop by to see some old friends…

Okay, so I didn’t intentionally go looking for them, and their not really “old friends”, per say, but I do feel like we’ve developed a very close bond over the past 11 weeks.
We just happened to stumble off the Metro and onto the front steps of the United States Department of Agriculture. I wanted to run screaming through the building, “Helllooooo—-what takes so long? What’s with all the conditionals and letters of explaination? What gives?” Instead, I admired the classic architectural details and noticed their lanscaping…

Apparently, they have bees, too.
You can read more about the People’s Garden on their blog… yes, the USDA has a blog. We may be closer friends than I thought.

What’s going on with the whole house buying process, is that our lending officer has had to resubmit a completely new file, thus restarting the whole process from the very beginning. Luckily, we got a better rate since the current rate is .25% lower than it was when we originally submitted our application.

At this point, I’m going to consider us lucky if we’ve gotten moved in before Santa comes.


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