10 more days and more conditionals…

Our file was shipped to USDA last Thursday. Our loan officer, Stephanie, told me a couple of weeks back that it would take about 2 weeks after it went to USDA. I got an email from her this morning asking us to sign and date another form, which I’m pretty sure I’ve already signed and dated twice before. She also told me that USDA is running 10 days for underwriting. This means we can expect to hear something by next week, but I would assume it would be the very end of the week.
Shortly after I received the email from Stephanie, I received one from our realtor, Mary. The USDA has requested more information. Someone from Stepahnie’s office called her and said that USDA is requiring the home inspector that we hired go back out to the house and inspect/okay the repairs. This makes no sense to me, since we hired him by choice; an inspection is not a required part of the home-buying process. The USDA sends out their own appraiser who notes any repairs that must be made to meet USDA standards. After the required repairs are made, the appraiser then goes back out to verify that everything was completed.
When I called the inspector about okaying the repairs, he told me very straight-forwardly that I probably did not want him to come back out there. If he has to inspect the repairs, then he’s assuming responsibility for them, therefore, if they are not perfect, he will not approve them. I would also have to pay him to come do the second inspection. This does not sit well with me.
I spoke with Stephanie again, this time over the phone. She assured me that he did not have to go back out there; the USDA is only requiring him to “confirm that all items REQUIRED repairs – per home inspection dated 08/13/10 – have been completed”.
I have asked Mary to send me copies of the invoices from the repairs and fungal treatment so that I can send them over to him. Hopefully, after looking at those invoices, he’ll “confirm” that the repairs were completed.


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