Talking up a storm…

New Word Wednesday seemed like a daunting task because Alston has started talking so much. He repeats lots of stuff he hears now, so its a little hard to keep track of all of his new words. A few of my most recent favorites are “E-I-E-I-O”, “dirty”, “tee tee”, and “Neece”, which is what I call his Momma D. Since Alston said it, she has since abandoned “Momma D” has started calling herself “Neece”. I think she’s been waiting for him to call her something, so whatever he picks is good with her!

Alston has also gained self-awareness. You can ask where’s Alston? And he’ll point to himself. His daddy likes to ask him, “Where is Daddy’s little boy?” Alston always puts his hands on his own chest, as if to say “Right here!!” Its the neatest thing to see him develop his little personality and start interacting  and communicating more. Before, he knew his name, but now he knows who he is… Its amazing!


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