Last week I did a 5-day cleanse after realizing I was slipping back into bad eating habits. I wanted to give my body a chan ce to recooperate and hoped it would push me back into a more healthy lifestyle. I chose this detox plan after reading this review. After only five days, I noticed some great results: my clothes fit better (because I wasn’t bloated from salt intake), my energy levels went up and I lost 2 pounds, without even trying. I ate as much as I wanted of the foods that were allowed and only ended up consuming somewhere in between 1200 – 1300 calories a day. I was shocked when I counted up my calories at the end of the week, becuase I never felt hungry. Did I crave salt and sugar and other no-no foods? Yes. Was I hungry? No. Getting away from sweets and salt helped me realize how sweet fruit actually is and how flavorful fresh veggies are without all that seasoning… I’ve turned over a healthier leaf.

The whole point of making these changes in habits is an attempt to start fresh when we move into our new home. I would like to start out by stocking the fridge and pantry with healthy and wholesome foods for my family. I’ve also begun pairing down the things in my closet. I’m going through all of my clothes and sending anything I don’t love to the thrift store. I’m also going to start sorting through Alston’s clothes and pack away anything that doesn’t fit him anymore. Then I’m going to sort through his toys. There will be three piles: keep (to take to our new house), stay (to leave at Momma D’s), and give (to send to Granny’s Attic–a thrift store of sorts). Hopefully, this will make our move easier and keep our new house less cluttered. I’m starting now with high hopes that moving day is just around the corner…

I got an email from our loan officer yesterday, letting me know the status of our loan. They’ve put a rush on the conditions… meaning they’ve told the underwriters to hurry up. I found a summary of the USDA loan process online. It says that after the underwriter sends the package to the local Rural Development office, the officer will review it and issue a “Conditional Commitment for Guarantee” or they will express a need for additional information within 48 hours. I found this info here, and I’m not sure how accurate it is. If its right, then within two days of the underwriter sending our info to USDA, we should have a definite closing date. I’m praying he sends it soon.

I think God has taught us a lot through this experience. I’ve learned {even more} patience and how to let go and hand things over to Him. I think we’ve grown closer as a family, and learned to appreciate our intimate family time. We’ve gotten a really good handle on our money and seen the amazing ways that God provides for us. Most importantly, we’ve become a family that prays together and grown closer to Him. His plans are so much better than ours!


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