Sign & Date…

That’s what I’ve been doing all week… signing and dating “additional documents” and faxing them in.
This morning I signed and dated an “intent to proceed” and when I spoke with our loan officer, she said things were moving very quickly now. The other day she said she thought we’d be able to close before the month was over, which is great considering I was expecting to close, oh, about two weeks ago. If things are moving much quicker than she thought, then hopefully we’ll have a closing date soon.
This afternoon we’re meeting with our insurance agent to sign the paperwork on our homeowners’ insurance. We’re meeting at the house, so I plan on taking some good shots of the house to use so I can Photoshop possible paint colors. My efforts thus far have proven to be very unsuccessful. I think we’re going to have to bite the bullet and buy paint samples to paint on the house.


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