New Word Wednesday

This past weekend, Alston really started chatter-boxing. He has regularly started repeating things that he hears. Here are a few words and phrases from his new vocabulary:

Aunt Jodi called him a monkey and he repeated it back to her.

Aunt Jodi was wearing a fun necklace.

Sounds like “foo-ball”.
Daddy taight him this word and was oh-so-pleased to hear him say it.

Daddy taught him this word, too.

I will gladly give him anything as long as he uses words to ask for it.

Sounds like “hunk-oo”.
That first Thank You was sweetest little Thank You I’ve ever heard in my life…

Alston really likes cheeseburgers.

Whew! He had a doozy last night!

Sounds lilke “bzs”.
He apparently likes bees, because he points and says it eveytime he sees one.

Sounds like “uff-oo”.
I could have cried. I still might.

The most amazing part of being a parent is watching him learn and grow more and more everyday. You can see the wheels turning in his little mind, and he’s really starting to understand what you say to him. He loves to help, especially when he gets to put something in the trash. He likes to stand at the sink whether to brush his teeth or help wash dishes. He has become increasingly interested in babies and other children and loves going to school. He’s growing into such a big boy!


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