My Real Passion

Image from Martha

When I was in high school, we were encouraged to start planning for our futures, to start looking into schools we might be interested in attending. I investigated all my options… the world was my oyster, the possibilites were limitless… I knew I wanted to do something that used my creative talents. I liked art, I enjoyed writing and I loved to cook. I requested information from several schools and looked through the materials imagining my life in several different scenarios. My end decision was that I wanted to become a chef, more specifically, a pastry chef, and I wanted to go here. However, after discussing my options, mainly my mother, I decided to attend a traditional university to take full advantage of the money my mom had been investing in the PACT program while I was growing up.

On Graduation Day, I looked at my mom and said, “I still want to be a chef.” She encouraged me that I could one day go back to school to become a real chef. What I’ve discovered over the years is that you don’t have to have a culinary background to be a good cook, or a great chef, even. The hubs and I have spent many hours watching competitive cooking shows. Its one of the few program types that we can agree on. Our new favorite is Master Chef, which encourages me in my dreams of becoming a great chef, even if I never go back to school. Last night we watched Cupcake Wars, and it really inspired me to start cooking again. I thought, I could totally do that… and mine would have been better!

So I am taking a solemn vow to pick up my whisk, throw on my apron and get back on that food horse… I will be striving to create my own recipes and will be sharing them here with you. I’m sure my family won’t mind since I rarely grace the kitchen with my presence, but I’m positive I will get an ocassional request for something “easy”, as Patrick sometimes tires of “healthy” or “fancy” and wants Hamburger Helper or taco salad. It will also help keep my mind at ease while waiting out the home-buying process. Can’t wait to share with you!


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