The Waiting Game

After the repairs were completed, the appraiser made it out to the house. He found a few things that needed to be fixed, per USDA standards, so the seller completed those as well. Our loan officer received the appraisal on September 3rd and needed a few other documents to submit everything to the underwriter. That was over a week ago and we’ve still been waiting to hear back from her. It has been a very long week. Since all I can think about is when we’re going to close, I’ve been trying to occupy my thoughts with other things….
I’ve gotten our homeowners’ insurance set up and managed to squeak in a better deal on auto as well…
I’ve been working on birthday stuff for some upcoming birthdays…
I’ve been helping my sister plan her wedding and working on invitations…
I’ve been cooking…
I’m doing a 7-day body cleanse diet and going to start the 7-day Carb Lover’s Jumpstart after that…
I’ve been trying to get into a new morning routine that doesn’t rely on Patrick’s mom being there to help with Alston…


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