The seller agreed to make all the repairs we requested as well as a few others required for the type of loan we have applied for. The appraiser was “in the neighborhood” and dropped by the house to take a look. He noticed a few things that would need to be taken care of and let our real estate agent know. She simply added them to the list of repairs, which the seller seemed to have no problem with at all. (I feel like baking these people cookies.) The contractor has already started working on the repairs and was expecting to be finished by yesterday afternoon. After the repairs are completed, the appraiser will come out and do the full appraisal. He’ll then send the appraisal back to the underwriter and we’ll go from there.

This process can seem a little slow at times, but I think its mainly just becuase I am so anxious to get everything finalized. In my spare time, to ease my mind, I’ve been making plans for our future home. I hope to get some of them together to share, but in the mean time, I’ll leave you with this picture I snapped one day on my way to work. I just happened to be in the neighborhood…

The house looks tiny from this angle, becuase the massive cedar tree in the front blocks half the house. I’m already envisioning tons of twinlling white lights wrapped around this beauty at Christmastime.

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