The Inspection

Our contract is contingent upon inspection and financing, so after siging the updated contract, we had 10 days to get the house inspected and submit any other requests regarding the findings. The inspector found a number of minor problems that he wrote up on the report and only a few major ones. These are the major problems that we have asked the seller to repair or address before closing.

#1. Repair dry-rotted floor joists.
While inspecting the crawlspace, the inspector found a couple of floor joists that have dry-rotted and need to be replaced. Its a fairly easy repair, but an important one.

#2. Have professional address mold/fungus under house.
The inspector also noted some mold and fungus under the house while inspecting the crawlspace. It looks like some measures have been taken to improve the poor water drainage around the house, but the mold and fungus have not been dealt with.

#3. Have HVAC unit serviced.
The air wasn’t cooling as efficiently as it should have, which is probably becuase the house has been vacant for over a year.

#4. Replace deteriorating wire going to garage.
The wiring from the house to the garage wasn’t made for exposure to the elements and needs to be replaced with the appropriate outdoor electrical wiring.

The sources from which I used the images all have great information regarding these common home issues.

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