The Brick Ranch

Thursday afternoon, we went to meet the agent at this 1950s brick ranch-style home. It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home, with approximately 1879 square feet. I was in love as soon as we stepped inside and began mentally placing furniture, but there were a few added little details that pushes me right over the edge. The original hardwood floors have been refinished and there are windows aplenty. The large backyard is fenced in and there is a separate garage. There is plenty of room for our little family and the best part is that the home is move-in ready. Its great the way it is, but there is also plenty of room for improvements that we could do over the course of a couple of years that would greatly increase the home’s value. Here are a few of the one million pictures I snapped over the weekend.

{close up of the front}
{built in planter}
{view of livingroom from kitchen}
{livingroom windows}
{sweet detail: hallway light}
{first bathroom}
{first bathroom}
{largest bedroom}
{guest bedroom with built-ins}
{dining room / sunroom}
{garage turned fourth}
{second bathroom off fourth bedroom}
{view of second bath from laundry room}
{laundry room}
{detached garage}
{inside detached garage}
{sweet detail: grapes growing on the fence}

So, we decided to put in an offer. Friday night, we met with our realtor and put in our offer at $105,000 asking the seller to pay the closing costs. We did not expect to hear back about the offer until today, but yesterday we got “the call”. The seller counter-offered at $111,000 and agreed to pay closing costs. We then counter-offered back at $108,000 asking the seller to pay closing costs. I waited for 6 long and anxious hours to get the final call that they had accepted our offer! We are going to sign the updated contract this evening. We are very excited and praying that everything works out easily as part of God’s big plan for our family.


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