Destiny, perhaps?

Patrick and I had a showing scheduled for yesterday evening, but had to cancel due to an issue with his newly prescribed beta-blocker meds. I was very sad, but was still looking forward to the showing that we have scheduled for today.
This lovely 1950s brick ranch has been on the market for what will be a year on Friday. Although it wasn’t as close to that 100K mark we were hoping to hit, we were willing to sacrifice some dough for a house that we would be truly happy in for years to come.

I spoke with the agent yesterday about the seller’s willingness to lower his asking price. He previously received an offer bewteen $105,000 – $110,000 and turned it down. That let me know that there was room–but not much room– to negotiate the asking price. Naturally, I was astonished when I received an email alert* that the price had been lowered on one of my saved properties. Low and behold, it was the very property I have been daydreaming about for the past couple of days. The seller lowered the price from $122,500 to $111,900. WOW!

I have been lining my ducks in a row to prepare to make an offer, should we be so compelled. I’m a little nervous about the fact that we haven’t actually seen the inside, but from the pictures online, it looks move-in ready… and boy are we ready! Patrick wonders why it hasn’t sold yet; I think perhaps its becuase the right buyers haven’t come along. This house was meant for us! Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but it could very well be true. I’m attending the showing with a fully charged camera in hand, so I’ll be sure to capture every wonderful (or terrible) detail and will report back tomorrow.

(*Email alert courtesy of by siging up with their site–definitely a must for any serious market-scouring new house seekers.)


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