Not So Suburbian

We went on a tour of a little house in the suburbs thinking we might be neighborhood people after all…

I made sure to bring along my camera to snap a few pictures to show to the hubs, since he wasn’t able to make it to the showing. I was so hopeful, in fact, that I brought Alston along to see how he felt about the house. This look on his face pretty much sums it all up:

While the house was cute and new, it just wasn’t quite big enough. Matter of fact, it was smaller than the house we previously lived in and space is just not something we’re willing to sacrifice. I would rather live in a house that wasn’t brand new and needed some work than to be able to brush my neighbor’s teeth from my bedroom window.

This is the view of the back door from the front door.

And this is the view of the back yard–I was standing at the property line.

Besides space in general, this house also lacked a laundry/utility room and a pantry, which are both pretty big items on my wishlist.

{Perhaps I should revise my wishlist to incorporate all of the things I really can’t live without}

I was worried that we may be passing up a great investment opportunity, since this was a foreclosure home and was priced so much lower than the other houses on the street and in the neighborhood. Thankfully, I received much confirmation after another house on the same street went on the market this week, listed for a thousand dollars less than the one I toured. It seems to me that a lot of the houses in that neighborhood seem to be going into foreclosure and I’m not sure how that bodes for the future real estate value in that neighborhood.

We will continue to hold out until we find exactly what we’re looking for, or pretty close to it.

Until then, thanks for tagging along on our journey


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