New Word Wednesday

This picture from a shopping trip to the Thrift Store has nothing to do with words, but it is hilarious.

He usually says this whenever he’s playing n his Daddy’s truck and is hanging out of the window. I’ve never heard him say it otherwise, sp that may not be what he’s trying to tell us.

The other night he was in his pack-n-play and he said please about three times in a row. I thought he might be wanting something to drink, so I took him some milk…

…When I handed him his milk, he said, “Thank You”; It was precious.


Alston has also finally started calling his grandparents by their grandparent-names.

He called Michel MiMi when he stayed with them a few weeks back. She said it took a good amount of coaching, but it still counts!

He called my mom Mammy on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mammy!

Saturday, when my grandmother disappeared into another room, he knocked on the door and called, “Mink!”


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