Location, Location, Location…

For your viewing pleasure: A picture of actual “lawn art” made from found objects, ie junk. Enjoy!

The house with the price-change was definitely NOT love at first site. It was on the outskirts of an infamous “hollar” in the area. The closest “home” was a silver-bullet travel trailer with an addition built on. The neighbor stepped outside in his cut-off blue jeans to shoo the roosters that were fighting on the front porch. Had I been able to see his face, I’m quite sure he would have had a marlboro red hanging out between the tootless gaps in his grin. That just goes to show that its all about location when it comes to buying the perfect house. If you’re going to live in an area without regualtions and codes, you need to be far enough away from your neighbors not to care that they think rusted out vehicles make great lawn art.


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