First Week of School

Last Tuesday, Alston started 1-year-old kindergarten. He’s only going two half-days a week, but I think its a good start. We were a little nervous about starting school becuase Alston gets so upset at church nursery, but we knew it would be the best thing for him. We sat down Monday night and had little chat about going to big-boy school and how he might be sad, but he would make lots of friends. I don’t know if it made him feel better, but it sure helped me!

Day 1:
We started the day by putting Spongebob on in the car & stopping by Sonic for breakfast.

When we got to school, Alston was very eager to check it out.

When we got inside, we sat down and ate our breakfast, but Alston was too interested in all of the other kids to eat.

He was a little hesitant when we went into the classroom, but he slowly warmed up and began playing with the toys. I decided to sneak out while he was occupied, but then he realized I was gone and started crying. I felt bad for not saying goodbye.
He got a good report from the teacher and she said he played some and promised he didn’t cry the whole time. When Momma D went to pick him up, she said he was sitting in a bean bag chair and was very happy to see her.

Day 2:
As soon as we got to school, Alston got a little whiny which quickly escalated into tears when we walked into the room. i decided to stick around this time until he stopped crying. He did stop, and I said goodbye and then he started crying again. He ate most of his spaghettie lunch and got a very good report. His teacher even marked “happy” as his mood for the day. Once again, he was hanging in the bean bag chair when Momma D went to pick him up.

Day 3:
We’re playing hooky today due to a summer cold. Alston was running fever over the weekend and has been very snotty and congested. We decided to spare the teachers and other students and will try to start back on Thursday when he’s feeling closer to 100%.

2 thoughts on “First Week of School

  1. Your such a strong Mommy!! I am sure he will be fine after a few days!

    PS..I have put a couple of calls in to Sonya..She has been on vacation to the beach and is now headed to Nashville but as soon as I can catch her still I will let you know. She told me a while back to get the word out that she was keeping kids and was wanting to take in more so I know she won't mind. Have a great week!


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