New Word Wednesday {really late}

Sorry, Memorial day put me a day behind this week. I’ll have lots of new pictures from the weekend to come soon. Until then, here are a couple of new words…

He’s started saying this whenever he’s climbing on something. I guess its because I’m always saying, “Hey monkey–get down from there!”

He loves to eat apples.

Sometimes it sounds like he’s saying something else

I’m not really sure where he picked this up, but its so funny. He puts a G on ‘duck’ so its sounds like “Guck, Guck, Guck, Goose.”


One thought on “New Word Wednesday {really late}

  1. You can also add…MiMi, he said it several times while I was keeping him. Of course with lots of repeating “Say Mi-Mi” He did it! He is so precious! I just love him to pieces!! Wish I saw him more! and y'all too!!


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