New Word Wednesday

Apparently he picked this up off of a cartton he was watching. Anytime you say the word “cow” he replies, “MoooOooo!” (Maybe those cartoons are educational…)

(Technically this is a phrase, but oh well…) I can’t even begin to try to repeat it the way he says it, much less spell it. I only know thats what he’s saying because it vaguely sounds like it and he’s always pointing to a person or cartoon character…

Sometimes, if you go to look for him and say “Whatcha doin Alston?” He’ll say, “Hidin”!

This is a new gesture, rather than a word, but its pretty funny. Sometimes, when you ask him a question, or for no reason at all, he’ll shrug his shoulders and throw his hand up in the air, as if to say, very casually, “I dunno…”


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