New Word Wednesday

I know many bloggers like to participate is One Word Wednesday and Silent Sunday, but I decided to come up with something that suits us better. Alston has really started expanding his vocabulary. He’s saying a couple of new words a week. However, he’s still not really “talking” to us. Once he finds a new word he wants to try out, he’ll say it over and over and over in the course of a day or so, and then he files it away and we don’t hear it again. He storing them up for later. My guess is that he’s going to be like me, and when he finally does really start talking it will be in full sentences and he will never shut up. My mother warns us all the time, “Just wait—when he does start talking, he will never stop…” Do you think I was chatty as a child? Maybe a little too chatty? Perhaps. I remember Mom getting annoyed with me becuase I would follow her all over the house talking (about everything & nothing) and asking a million and one questions.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy these weekly entries, where I’ll share Alston’s newest words! See you back tomorrow for New Word Wednesday!

This picture has nothing to do with New Word Wednesday, but I just uploaded it from my phone and thought it was pretty funny…


2 thoughts on “New Word Wednesday

  1. What a great idea! I might follow along and do the same as well. It's makes me feel better to hear that he isn't talking up a storm either b/c I have been worried about AR's vocabulary. She is doing the same, repeating words for a day or a few days and then stores them away.. I actually asked the doctor at her 18 month check up if she was behind. He assured me she was fine and that she will talk when she is ready! I miss you friend! I hope we can get the kiddies together soon! I will be looking for you post tomorrow!


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