From Easter 2010

Since it was Mammy’s weekend to work, Friday night was the only time she had to go to the Easter service at church, so we all went together. I put Alston in the nursery, held my breath the whole service and prayed he wasn’t screaming his head off. He doesn’t like church nursery. Toward the end of the service, I decided to sneak back to the nursery so I could see how he was doing without him seeing me. Before I even made it back there, I noticed the two police officers who stand outside of the nursery area and caught a glimpse of bright blue. The nursery volunteers had taken him on a ride in one of those “baby buses” and when he saw the two officers standing there he reached for one. Of course, the officer picked him up, but then everytime one of the ladies tried to take him away, he started crying. So the nice officer kindly held him while one of the nursery ladies sat close by.

After church, we all enjoyed a later dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Alston sat in a booster seat like a big boy and was so well-behaved! He sat and colored an picked at my plate but never offered to climb out of his seat. I was so proud!

From Easter 2010

Saturday we spent the day with friends and Alston went to visit Mimi & Paw Paw Alan. We all spent the night and came home Sunday morning. The Easter Bunny had come to visit and this is what he brought!

From Easter 2010
From Easter 2010

Alston had such a good time going through his basket, he didn’t want to get ready! We went to have Easter Dinner at Mink’s house. After a late nap, we hunted eggs. Mammy came by to watch before she left for work.

From Easter 2010

Alston did such a good job finding all of his eggs and putting them in his basket.

From Easter 2010

Alston made a new friend…

From Easter 2010

and looked so handsome in his Easter shirt!

From Easter 2010

Later, we hunted eggs with Momma D…

From Easter 2010
From Easter 2010

We enjoyed our Easter and hope your families did, too!

“He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.” Matthew 28:6


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