For some reason, when I originally wrote the post about Alston’s photoshoot, I forgot to publish it and it was saved as a draft. That was sometime in January. So when I finally got the link, I went ahead and published it. However, unless you’re subscribed or added to my email list, you probably haven’t even seen this post. It’s mixed in with all the January posts somewhere. So here is all the info again…

To see Alston’s pictures from his St. Vincent’s photoshoot:
Click here.
Enter the site.
Choose “client proofing” from the bottom of the page.
The password is alston.

By the way, I chose photo 148 (image numbers in top left corner) for my free 8×10. I have so many silly pictures of Alston, but no full body pictures of him. Plus, I just love those fat little feet! However, I asked if I could order additional prints {they said yes} so I’m sure I’ll be ordering a few more poses, as well!


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