Alston has gotten to where he says to hey to everyone and everything–if it has eyes.

To the random people in the thrift store, yes, every last {sometimes creepy} one of them: “Hey!”

To the wooden pig that sits under our gas heater: “Hey!”

To the crow thats squawking overhead as I’m trying to corral him into the car: “Hey!”

To the 4 dogs that greet us as we pull up at my parents’ house; “Hi dogs!”

To the 5 cats on their back deck, waiting to be fed: “Hi cats!”

To me when I come home: “Hi momma!”

When the phone rings: “Hey there!” or “Hi mom!”

When he’s talking on the phone: “How ya doin?”

Whenever someone hangs up the phone: “Bye bye!”

I bought him the cutest little backpack at Bass Pro Shop. Its pretty cute, has great storage, and for only $3.97 I couldn’t turn it down! It looks like a fish. The zippered part is the mouth and it has a fin and two eyes on the back. He talks to it, too.

I think he got outgoing personality x 2.


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