Let me tell you what we’ve been up to:

We started a new series at church called “Five”. The concept is to choose the 5 things that are most important to you and do them everday–not all day–just everyday. You also have to consider the things that will hinder being able to get them done.

Here are my 5:

1. Strengthen my relationship with God. I have commited to reading the Bible daily, and chose a chronological Bible plan to keep me on track. I also am trying to spend more time in prayer and devotion.

2. Spend more quality time with Patrick. This means less time on the computer. Sorry bloggers!

3. Spend quality time with Alston—with the TV off. Sorry Dora, sorry Boots! This also means I take less pictures and spend more time reading books and playing in the bath.

4. Spend at least, but not more than 15 minutes “organizing”. Whether that be putting a load of laundry in and folding another or laoding the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen, I have a tendancy to either not clean at all, or clean obsessively until its all finished.

5. Take care of me. I’ve been working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been managing my grumpy blues with diet instead of medication–which is HUGE. I’m very proud. Thank you, thank you. I’ve also decided to take action and get into shape. I’m at a healthy weight, but need exercise. I will post later about my first mommy/baby exercise adventure. I’ve also been spending some “quiet time” reading. I hope to be able to wear one of these this summer. We’ll see how that goes.

All in all, my new “5” have taken my time and distributed it where it needs to be. If you’re wondering why the blog posts have become few and far between, that’s why.


One thought on “5

  1. This is what got me hooked! I am so excited about Church of the Highlands!! I am looking forward to the next 7 Sundays! Taking care of myself hit me hard! It took me hearing this to go to the dermatologist to have my moles looked out.. I am so excited the Church of the Highlands!!!!!!!!


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