Tee-tee in the potty!

This morning, Alston and I came downstairs and I decided to sit him on his potty since his diaper needed to be changed anyway. I tried to get him to stay on the potty by entertaining him with toys and all of the sudden I heard it! The music! I knew a musical potty would be a good thing. I cheered and danced and he laughed at me, then we put his diaper on. I checked the contents of the magic potty, and while there wasn’t much in there, it was still enough to shout about! No, I didn’t document with my camera, but yes, I did think about it! 🙂

This week has been a busy one. I’ve been trying to adjust to downtown traffic and have yet to master the art of ETA calculating. Alston surprises me everyday, with something new he says or does. Its a great age! We have, however been experiencing some clingy-ness and separation anxiety since our stay at the daycare. Every time someone leaves, or we leave someone, he gets very upset. He’s also cutting a back molar, which doesn’t help with the whiny mess that he’s been the past few days. Either way, I still have a few pictures to share.

This is Alston sleeping in the buggy at Wal-Mart. I needed to grab a few things, and he was asleep when we got there. I laid him in the set and he slept the whole time we were shopping!

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