Daycare Update

As you know, Alston had his first daycare experience yesterday. I snuck in the door to see what he was up to when I got there. He was the only one left, but another mommy & her little girl had stayed so that he wouldn’t be the only baby there. I thought that was incredibly thoughtful… it must be some daycare etiquette that I was unaware of. Anyway, the little girl came over and gave Alston a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was so cute. When I first walked in, and he saw me, he fussed a little like he was expressing that he was unhappy with me, but then was over it. I got him in the car, put in SpongeBob and then stopped for a treat of french fries on the way home. I think the experience was very good for him, and maybe church nursery won’t be such a big deal anymore. All is well that ends well!


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