A New Day {Care}

Today, Alston’s Momma D had to attend a funeral for a family member. This is my mom’s week to work, so I decided to try out one of my new employee perks. Here at Children’s we have a child care center for employees called “Near & Dear”. Its one of the many advantages of working here. Not only do they have Mildly Ill & Back-Up daycare, they also have Transitional daycare for babies whose mothers are returning to work from maternity leave. Alston is in the Back-Up daycare & let me tell you, it has been no easy ride. Alston has never been to daycare before and hates nursery at church, but I thought this would be a good experience for both of us.

This morning, we got ready and stopped by McDonald’s for a special breakfast treat. Then Alston got to watch SpongeBob all the way to B’ham. As soon as we walked in the room, he knew something was up. He was crying when I left and I dreaded leaving him for fear that he wouldn’t stop. I called 15 minutes after I dropped him off and I could hear him in the background–still upset; I called 45 minutes after that–he had calmed down, but was still sniffling; then I called at 10:30 and got a great report. He was playing happily and wasn’t upset at all. I thought about stopping by during lunch, but decided it would be best to stay out of sight.

I had full intentions of taking a picture this morning when I dropped him offbut got distracted by tears. So I plan on snapping one when I pick him up. Until then, here’s a random one of him laying on Maggie’s bed.


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