Last weekend, we finally went to see Santa. Alston liked him, of course, because he loves older men–especially ones with facial hair. He had a mouth full of pretzel when he smiled for his picture. It makes me laugh so hard. The family in front of us had 4 little girls, ages ranging from toddler to 9 yr old, I would guess. One, who looked about 7, kept telling her daddy that she wanted to ride the “excellator”. That made us laugh. The little boy behind us did not like Santa. At all. That made us laugh, too.

We had lots of fun this Christmas. Christmas Eve morning, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with my family, which is a tradition we’ve had for as long as I can remember.
That evening, we went to Patrick’s mom’s house for dinner. She worked SO HARD and cooked SO MUCH good food! It was great spending time with family. Thanks Momma D! Alston got a bean bag chair. I think he was pretty happy with it.

We eventually had to go home to prepare for Santa. We decided to go ahead and open our gifts that night, that way the next morning we could focus on Alston. Patrick’s favorite gift was a pack of undies that I bought on a whim. I was going to get some string bikinis as a joke, but found some “man panties” that looked pretty comfy. Its quite hilarious how much he loves them–and normally I wouldn’t share something about my husband’s underwear–but he loves them so much, he’s been telling everyone about them. He’s even shown a few people, so I didn’t think he would mind. My favorite gift was the fact that my husband knows me so well. He picked out an outfit for me to wear to my new job–its absolutely adorable & it fits perfectly–which says A LOT. He took the time to stuff a stocking AND it was full of all kinds of things that I needed! We made it into the bed around 11 pm and Alston was wide awake at 5:30. Luckily, Santa had set the timer on the coffee pot, had a Sponge Bob sippy cup of chocolate milk in the fridge and had set up a tripod in the living room to catch all the excitement. That Santa– he sure is clever! 😉 After reviewing the footage from Christmas morn’, I don’t think its post worthy. Next year, I’ll be sure to try to catch more of his face and less of the back of his head.

After we played with the stuff Santa brought, Alston was ready for a nap. I had DVR’d The Nativity Story, so we laid around and watched that while Alston snoozed. It is such a great movie–it really puts things in perspective for the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas. My mom works 12 hour night shifts, so we went over there after she got off work. I took a few pictures, but ended up leaving my camera there and couldn’t take pictures for the rest of the day’s festivities. Oops!

That afternoon, we went to have lunch with Poppa Snuff’s family. Alston got lots of fun goodies. After we left there, we went over to Aunt Cindy’s house for Christmas dinner with Paw Paw Alan’s & Mimi’s family. Alston got a really fun bus/slide and he had a blast playing on it and chasing the dog around the house.

Saturday night we had a Christmas party with the girls I went to high school with. It was lots of fun. We don’t get to see each other much, but when we do, we really enjoy it! Alston stayed at home with his Paw Paw…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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