We’re a little behind…

We haven’t gone to see Santa yet. We haven’t even sent out Christmas cards. You would think–me being a graphic designer & all–that those would have already been finished and mailed out. The truth is, I’ve been so busy at work, that I haven’t wanted to to do them myself. So, if you get a card, it will either be store-bought or hand-made. (The keyword is IF…)
Please don’t be upset if you don’t get one from us this year! Its not because we don’t love you, its just because there is SO much going on around here! Let me fill you in…

I got a new job. (Praise be to the Lord!) I’ll be working here with this program. I start January 4th & I’m super-excited! My last day at my current job is Dec. 23rd & I’m trying to finish that catalog I’ve been working on for the past year before I leave.

We’re trying to sell our house. We want a fixer-upper, something a little larger, that we can grow into. Later, we want to purchase some land and build our dream house.

I’ve almost finished Christmas shopping. I finally found the perfect ornament for Alston’s 2nd Christmas ($5.99 at TJ Maxx). I’ve decided that I want to find him a keepsake ornament–not the Hallmark kind– every year. Something timeless, that he will want to keep forever. Last year, I found this cute little rocking horse at Penny’s, I think. I’ll also buy one from Cracker Barrel. Our family eats there every Christmas Eve morning–its a tradition.

Patrick has been working out of town.

Alston has been teething.

Life has been busy! And somewhat stressful! Thankfully, we’ve found a little time to say, “Cheese!”


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