The REAL Nativity

This year, I’ve become obsessed with Nativities. This song has something to do with it, I think. I even got Alston a little nativity for Christmas. This morning, I read a post that my friend Kristin had shared and I felt that I had to do the same. It moved me to tears and it gave me a whole new perspective on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I’ve given birth naturally but had a little help for the pain from several doses of Staydol– no epidural. However, I was in a clean hospital bed with great nurses taking excellent care of me. Jesus was born in a manger, surrounded by animals that smelled…like animals do. My hospital smelled like coffee. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like, but reading this gives one a pretty good idea.


One thought on “The REAL Nativity

  1. Thank you for that this morning my dear! I needed that! I will share with everyone today. I love you and hope to see ya'll soon!! I miss ya'll.



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