He is a genius!

Don’t you see the similarity? Really? How about this one…

Okay… Well, he’s really not, but I updated my status on my Facebook page, and have gotten a lot of feedback off of it. Within the past week or so, I’ve really noticed Alston being more verbal. I think he’s pretty smart to be only 14 months old, but then again, I am a little partial! šŸ™‚

Here’s what he’s been saying:

dattie (daddy)
bye bye
huck (look)
Deuce (our dog)
Neh-Neh (thats what he calls my mom, her name is Nanette)
Jo-dee/Jo (my sister)
pup-pee (puppy)
oh! (uh-oh)
up! (oops)
juice (which sounds a lot like Deuce)
Bob (Sponge Bob)
shhh (he does this every time I sneeze)

Besides theses common words, he repeats words once and then you never hear them again. He’s been doing this for a while. I think its his way of trying the word out and then storing them all up for later. Knowing his daddy and I, I think he’s going to be a talker.

He also says phrases like “tickle tickle tickle” “Hi Dad!” “Hi Jo!” and “mmmmm good”…

He can point to his eyes, ears, nose and mouth, but calls them all “eye”…

He can do all the motions to “Patty Cake”…
Does “Touchdown!” by raising his arms…
Dances…a lot! (He is definitely his mother’s child!)

He may not be a genius, but he’s the sweetest little boy and I just love being his mommy. God really knows what he’s doing and I”m so thankful he gave me care over his child, Alston. What a precious gift and who am I to receive it?! Praise his name and celebrate the gifts he’s given you this Holiday Season!


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