We’ve All Been Sick…

That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. When I’m home, I’m tending to the whiniest baby on the face of the planet…but he’s fully entitled. The poor little soul has been to the doctor twice in the past two weeks for a “sinus infection”. I say sinus infection, but its really something like a sinus infection that is contagious. I have it, and now daddy has it too. I know that its contagious because we were both prescribed Amoxicillan, and after that didn’t work, we were both put on OmniCef. And we have different doctors. (That, and Alston doc told me it was contagious.)
Anyway, when I’m at home, there’s no time or energy for blogging. When I’m at work, I’m struggling to make it through the day. Alston’s been snotty and stuffy, and coughy, and feverish… its been terrible. Thankfully, his fever is finally gone. Now he’s stuck with the junk you need to cough up. The nurse informed me that, since little ones have a hard time with this, you have to help them. So, whenever he starts coughing, we’re supposed to put him over our laps and clap on his back to loosen everything up.
We’re on the road to recovery, though. Last night I asked Alston to help me with the laundry. Everything has piled up this week—dishes, laundry, dust bunnies, etc…

I walked out of the laundry room, and this is what I found when I returned:

Yes, he was inside the dryer. No, it isn’t the first time he’s climbed in there. What if he would have fallen out? There’s a big quilt in the floor in front of the dryer.
The point is, he’s feeling better. And that is what is most important.


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