Bye Bye Bottle! and other Adventures in growing up…

Last night I fixed Alston his bedtime bottle and didn’t think much of it when he refused it. He had been with his daddy all day and was full of strawberries & Fruit Loops. This morning, I got his bottle out of the fridge and tried to get him to drink it. He refused it again. So, I poured it in a sippy cup and he stood there begging for it while I screwed the lid on. I guess he decided that he doesn’t like the bottle anymore!
I’ve also quit rocking him to sleep at night. I just lay him in his bed and let him wiggle himself to sleep. Its actually been going pretty well. After our trip to the beach, where he slept in the bed with me for almost a week, I decided it was time that he learn to go to sleep on his own. When we were at the beach, I would just lay him in the bed and lay beside him and he would go straight to sleep. I figured it wouldn’t be a difficult transition, and it hasn’t…for him. I’ve been having a hard time not rocking him–I miss it more than I expected!
He’s growing up so quickly. He’s gotten very verbal and expressive here lately. His favorite word is “Da-Ti”, of course, but he also says “hot” quite a bit. He thinks anything that he knows he isn’t supposed to touch is “hot”. He has a new word that I’m not quite sure what he’s trying to say. He says “huck”. He’s been saying “huh” for a while, but he just added the “k” on. I think he’s just learned the “k” sound and he’s testing it out. We’ve been trying to teach him “please” and “thank you”. He’s very sweet and generous. Its not difficult to get him to hand over whatever he has in his chubby little hands– as long as you ask politely. He’s also very giving with his food. He likes to give everyone bites of whatever he’s eating. I guess if he’s enjoying it, he wants everyone else to as well! He’s turning out to be a lot like his daddy and me.


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