So long, farewell…

{This image has nothing to do with my post, but it was too beautiful not to share!}

After several nights of having to listen to Alston cry for about an hour in the middle of the night, Patrick and I decided it was time to ditch the passy. Alston was losing his passy in the middle of the night, and couldn’t go back to sleep without it. We guess, if he doesn’t have it, he can’t wake up when it falls out. Right? So since Monday, our house has been passy-free. We may have picked a bad time to get rid of it– Alston has had a stuffy/runny nose and hasn’t been feeling very well; so he has been extra whiny. However, he seems to be doing very well without it. Because we’ve had this sick & whiny baby with a snotty nose– I have no new pictures to post of him. We’ve been spending our evenings watching wheel of fortune and trying to get him to eat… He’s also been sleeping in the bed with Mommy. Its a very bad habit, I know, but I can keep him propped up on pillows and he can breathe. I think he’s starting to feel better, so hopefully he’ll be making the move back to his room, passy-free, in the next couple of days. More fun Halloween posts to come in the near future! Everyone have a safe weekend!


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