Birthday for Besties

This weekend we celebrated Ava Reese & Alston’s first birthday at a BBQ with our closest friends. We thought it would be easier to have one party for our little group of friends so that they wouldn’t have to attend two separate parties. We threw “family” parties on the weekends of their actual birthdays. Ava Reese was sick and didn’t feel very good and Alston was a little crabby himself.

I’m thinking 3 parties in one month may be too much… you would think I would have realized this ahead of time. Oh well! At least the cupcakes were good and their outfits were cute!


5 thoughts on “Birthday for Besties

  1. Ashley and Beth didn't make anything. Beth made them! Yes, you would think we would have thought that having 3 parties in one month were a little much but I think everything turned out great! Thanks for everything!! Now it's time for the holidays 😉


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