Alston’s First Birthday Adventure

Friday, Daddy and I took the day off to spend Alston’s birthday with him. We woke up Friday morning and ate waffles in the living room while we watched cartoons. What a great way to start the day! After our morning nap, we got ready to go and headed toward the big city. We stopped by McDonald’s for an early lunch of a chicken nugget Happy Meal.

Then we stopped by Smith’s Variety store and played with some toys, before heading to the zoo. At the zoo, we had such a good time walking around looking at all the animals. Alston proved to be country boy, and preferred the farm animals over anything else. He loved the goats so much, he wanted to climb in the stall with them. The trip to the zoo really wore us out!

That evening, Momma D, Poppa Snuff, Mammy and Paw Paw came over for spaghetti dinner and mini cupcakes. We opened a few presents and played before dinner.

After a much needed bath, we played with our new stuff for a little while before heading to bed. It was a great first birthday. I think we’ll start planning every birthday off, from now on!


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