Happy Birthday Alston (part 3)

We got to the hospital around 7, but they wouldn’t admit me because they didn’t think my water had broken. We waited until 8, and after I had dialated, they decided to let me stay. I asked for some IV drugs, and the rest is a bit hazy… but I remember the shift changing at 11. The nurse that came in was scurrying around in quite a hurry. I wondered what she was in such a big hurry for, because I thought the whole process was suppposed to take hours and hours… I didn’t expect Alston until 5 am or so. Luckily, my nurse knew her stuff. I started pushing at 1 am, and Alston was born at 1:33. I remember looking at the clock, because I was afraid it was going to take forever.

Here we are, one year later, and its all still very clear in my memory. The time really has gone by quickly, but I have no regrets. I tried to enjoy every minute that he was a baby. Happy Birthday Alston! Your daddy and I love you more than we could ever have imagined!


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