Happy Birthday, Alston (part 2)

The whole time we had been cleaning and rearranging, I had been consistently having contractions, which my doctor assured me were Braxton Hicks contractions. Either way, I kept track of them using a nifty little website called Contraction Master. I knew they they were getting a little more intense, plus it was 4 pm and I was still in my pjs, so I decided I needed a shower. My mom and dad and Patrick waited as I waddled up the stairs to take a shower. Right when I was about to step in, I felt a little trickle running down my leg and I wondered if I had peed on myself. I didn’t want to yell down the stairs and over-excite anyone, so I called Patrick upstairs to tell him that my water had broken. Then I proceeded to get in the shower. He did not think this was a good idea, but I assured him it would be a while before Alston was born. (cont’d)


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Alston (part 2)

  1. Happy Happy Birthday to my precious littel Alston!!! Cant wait to see ya'll this weekend(give him a kiss for us today!)…Much Love, MiMi


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