Happy Birthday, Ava Reese!

When Heath & Ashley told us they were pregnant, we were happy for them, but said “We’ll catch you on the next go round… in about 7 years!” Little did we know, we were pregnant as well. Our due dates were only about a week apart, and as much fun as it was to have someone to be pregnant with, I never imagined how big of a blessing it would actually be. Ava Reese was born one year ago today. We went to the hospital to see her and I got to prop her up on my big pregnant belly; Alston was kicking her right in the bottom the whole time I held her! Having two babies so close together makes things so much easier. We’ve had someone to play with, to talk to about our worries, and someone who is going through the same things we are. It has been so wonderful watching Ava Reese grow this past year. She and Alston are only 8 days apart, but have completely different personalities. God knew that we needed each other, and I fully believe that everything happens for a reason! Happy Birthday, Ava Reese! I can’t wait to watch you and Alston grow up together! We love you very much!


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