Too much fun for pictures…

Yesterday, we worked in the yard planting flowers and pulling weeds to get ready for the big b’day. Alston took a nap while I started to work, but woke up well before I had gotten half way through. I got him up, threw on some socks and some mud boots and out we went. He rolled around in the yard, donning a onesie and black rubber boots, and had a great time. Then we took a family trip to Walmart to get some new flowers. The front of our house is almost party-ready, but we still have a little work to do. Especially in the back. Unfortunately, we were so busy, we didn’t take any pictures of Alston in his work outfit. Trust me, it was really cute!

I’m going to make a few of these to sit in the planter by our front door. I’m super excited and can’t wait to take cute pictures!


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