We’ve been…

napping in our favorite chair…

getting ready for Halloween…

being silly…

playing with our new friend, Ellie…

and growing up to be such a big boy!

I’ve suddenly had this realization that my little baby boy is about to be a little boy and no longer a baby… its horrifying! I have this sudden feeling of panic sweeping over me… but I know it will pass. It will be replaced by excitement as I continue watching him grow. He’s already so smart, and I’m just like, “when did you learn that?” He understands most of everything you tell him, but pretends not to understand what “no” means. He’s a typical little boy. He loves wheels, and dogs, and mud, and Daddy. He loves Mommy, too. He likes to explore and climb on things. He’s a daredevil. He loves his pacifier and his blankie and giraffe. He’s sweet and silly, and sometimes a little whiny… and in just a couple of weeks, he’ll be a year old.


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