Prayers for Alston’s Mammy

As I mentioned previously, Alston’s Mammy had a go-cart accident and hurt her thumb pretty badly. I won’t go into details, but they added stitches where they could.
Yesterday, my mom went to the doctor for a check-up to see how her thumb was healing. The visit didn’t go well. Her thumb had gotten infected the week before and wasn’t showing any signs of improvement. Dr. Dupre admitted her to the hospital to run IV antibiotics and scheduled an MRI for her. Last night we went to visit and heard the not-so-positive results from the MRI. He thinks she may have Osteomyelitis, which means the infection has gotten down to the bone. The tip of her thumb was fractured from the accident, so the MRI could be showing the inflammation from the fracture, but he won’t know for sure until he gets a second opinion from the other doctor. Right now, our beach trip has been canceled due to the fact that mom will be in th hospital for at least a week. They are running aggressive antibiotic treatments in hopes of saving the tip of her thumb, otherwise they may have to do a partial amputation. Please pray for Alston’s Mammy and her quick and full recovery. We are taking a day off from work to pack her a goody basket and have the air fixed in my Jeep.


Mom is currently on her way to see a hand specialist at St. Vincent’s East. They do think that she has Osteomyelitis, but they don’t think that she’s going to loose her finger.


They are going to let her come home tonight, but she has to be there in the morning for them to operate. They are going to “debride” it– which is the removal of damaged tissue and foreign objects from a wound.


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