Malfunction Junction…

I don’t have any new pictures, except this lonely one…

I charged my camera battery and somehow, when I went to use it, found that the battery was drained again… I snapped this one just in time for the screen to go out.

Sadly, there has been lots of excitement around here, but no camera to catch it…
*Paw Paw built Alston a go-cart. Mammy had a nasty wreck and ended up with some stitches.
*All of our birthday party stuff has arrived and I’m super excited.
*Since Mammy is out-of-commission for a while, Momma D had to step in for a couple extra days. She and Alston cleaned my house to a sparkling shine!
*Daddy got his four-wheeler fixed and we took a family ride yesterday evening.

I’m sure I will have plenty of fun pictures from the coming weekend. Until then, Happy Football Season!


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