Good Morning!

This morning, I woke up bright and early and decided to clean up the kitchen from last night’s meatloaf disaster, when a sweet little boy decided he wanted to join me. Alston sat happily in his Bumbo and played while I put away dishes and prepared a delicious crockpot sensation: Chicken Tacos… Kristin gave me the recipe. I was overly excited to get my kitchen cleaned at the prospects of having dinner company. Its a surprise… if they come I’ll have LOTS of pictures to post… I’ve missed this little bean! {That’s a hint!}

I’m so happy that Alston finally likes to sit in his Bumbo seat. He usually sits and watches me cook. I’m thinking, if I start now, I can get him interested in cooking. I would love to have a handsome, football-loving, deer-hunting, charming guy in the house… that can cook! I already have one-but his culinary skills are limited. Watch out ladies—I’m raising a heart-breaker!


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