I read the book The Prayer of Jabez when I was lead to the story during an early morning Bible study. I like to close my eyes and flip open to a page, then thats where I start. I think its much more exciting than having a plan. I feel that its easier for me to hear what God is speaking to me through the text. This particular morning, I opened to one of the listings of people’s names. This can be discouraging– because I’m thinking “Well, God must not have much to say this morning…” However, I continued reading the list of names that I can’t pronounce and stumbled upon the short little story of Jabez {1 Chronicles 4:9-10} . I knew of the book and decided I needed to go find it. That afternoon, on my lunch break, I headed out to a Christian-based rehabilitation center thrift store in search of the book. I had $2 in cash in my pocket and noticed that the hardback books were $3. I kept looking and I found a copy. When I got to the register the lady sold it to me for paperback price: $1.75. Amen! I knew I was lead to this book and was so excited about hearing God’s direction, that I read the whole thing that day. Its not a long book, so it really wasn’t that difficult. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to pick up a copy, or, you can have mine.

The lesson taught in this book is an in depth study of the prayer that Jabez cried out to the Lord. I learned a lot from it and began praying the prayer everyday…

My perspective has changed dramatically. Instead of receiving new blessings, my eyes were opened to the ones I already have. And then I received new blessings, and continue to, everyday.

One of the concepts that I struggle with daily is that this life is important, but its not everything. There is a greater purpose for us all and this is not our home. We are only here for a short time and while we are here we are supposed to be good stewards of everything that God gives us to take care of. One of the most inconceivable gifts that he has given me is Alston. God gave me this tiny little soul to take care of and raise up– all to glorify His name. Alston is such a sweet little boy and so full of personality; the mere thought that God knew that I was the only person who could be his mother is astounding. Alston is not mine. He is merely mine to take care of. He is God’s. As well as everything else that I have. None of it is mine. And when you sit down and think about the big picture–God’s master plan–the things of this world just don’t seem that important anymore.


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