Festivities and Friends

The weekend before last, we had some friends over to swim and grill out. Alston met Warren for the first time. They climbed all over Tara, Momma D’s pitbull {the sweetest breed with the worst rap}.

I attempted to take their picture together– Alston protested.

Then he took a nap.

Over the week, Alston got a little cold, so he had to sleep propped up on a pillow. I don’t think he minded.

This past Saturday we celebrated Paw Paw’s 50th birthday.

Ava Reese even came to celebrate…

and we ate the BEST banana pudding EVER.

About 40 people came to celebrate with us, including Linley. She is only 5 days younger than Alston and LOVES ribs.

I got this great cake made at Wal-mart…

Today is his actual birthday. Happy Birthday, Paw Paw!


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