Beatrix Potter*y Barn

I wasn’t really ever sure I wanted babies– I wasn’t really sure if I would make a good mother, but I knew if I ever did have a baby, I would want a little boy. So, a long time ago, before I ever really knew I wanted babies–lots of babies–I thought about how I would decorate my dream house. If I ever had a study it would have floor to ceiling shelves packed with tons of hardback books, if I ever had a sitting room, it would be the only room decorated in frilly girly things like my sorority mementos and I would hang colorful Impressionist era artwork on the walls, if I ever had a dining room it would be HUGE so I could have dinner parties, and if I ever had a nursery I would decorate it in Beatrix Potter, no matter the gender, because it is timeless and classic… Well, I don’t have a study or a sitting room or a dining room, but I do have a nursery. At first, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to decorate this new baby’s room. Boy or girl? Traditional or contemporary? Organic or inexpensive? I looked at a million and one nursery themes and finally decided that I didn’t really like themed rooms. Matching bed skirts, curtains, lamp shades– it was all too matchy for me. So while in Target one day, browsing through the $1 Aisle and found a little assortment of Peter Rabbit-themed trinkets. At that exact moment I knew I was going to have a little boy and his nursery was going to be Beatrix Potter, just like I had always imagined it would be–if I ever had a baby.

So, I began the hoarding process that is being a pregnant, nursery-planning, excited mother-to-be and this proved to be no easy task, I tell you. Beatrix Potter had been popular when Patrick and I were little but had sadly been overtaken by the Barneys and Doras of this new television-based generation. Books had, well, been put on the shelf, but I was determined to have my dream nursery. I searched online for somewhere to start and found two beautiful Beatrix Potter prints for mere dollars a piece. My mom and dad found a porcelain light switch cover while antiquing on vacation, and the rest was pretty simple from there… except the bedding. I had looked and looked and couldn’t find what I wanted– most Beatrix Potter fabric was either to feminine or just plain tacky, so I decided to use quilts and not have a bedding set. You don’t really use them anyway, right? I thought I had it figured out– until one day I found a little bedding set on sale at Pottery Barn. It was perfect and cheap so Patrick’s mom bought it. A very beautiful, eclectic nursery came together and I was very proud at how difficult it was to find Beatrix Potter themed decor– that meant it would be one-of-a-kind… No matchy bed-in-a-bag for me… no sir. Not to say I don’t like the matchy bed-in-bag stuff, some of it is very very cute– it just wasn’t what I had always wanted. There were a few that I really did like, though, but in the end I know I made the right decision. Despite the fact, that, by the time he actually started sleeping in his own bed I had to take the bumper pads out because he was already pulling up to stand on them.
This Spring, Pottery Barn came out with a bunch of Peter Rabbit themed plates and table runners and Easter baskets. Patrick’s mom bought a set of {very nice} plates and I put them on plate rack in Alston’s room. Plates in a nursery? Yes. And they’re adorable. {I have every intention of going straight home and photographing Alston’s room to post pictures later.}

I love Pottery Barn. Their style is my style. I often sift through their {overpriced} catalog and get inspiration to use in my own home. I got my Pottery barn kids this morning and found this:

I gasped in disbelief. Apparently, Pottery Barn likes my style, too. If Pottery Barn would have had this before Alston was born there is a very good chance that I would have had this matchy bed-in-a-bag stuff for his room. Fortunately, it was my idea first. Being one step ahead of Pottery Barn is something to brag about. Well, it is in my book anyway.

{pictures to come– as soon as I can get home and clean up his room to make it presentable for photographing…}


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